Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want my cat to have a litter of kittens before I desex. Will you sell me a entire cat?
A: No. We sell all our kittens desexed. Only approved registered breeders who also practice early desexing are eligible to purchase one of our kittens entire.

Q: Will Rislani Siamese & Orientals give me ongoing support once I take my kitten home?
A: YES! We have lovingly raised your kitten since the day it was born. If you ever (be it 3 days after you've taken your kitten home, or 15 years) have any concerns, questions or problems we would like to hear from you. Even though the kitten is no longer ours once it leaves our place, we always love getting updates be they good or bad.

Q: Why does Rislani Siamese & Orientals want me to keep my kitten indoors or in a cat proof enclosure?
A: There are a lot of risks in the outdoor world for your cat (EG: Cars, other animals, disease/illness caused by fighting with other cats). By keeping your cat indoors, or within a cat-proof enclosure, you reduce these risks that could reduce the lifespan of your cat.

Q: Can I wash my cat?
A: Yes. However it is recommended you get your cat used to being bathed from a young age. Also, ensure you use a pet-shampoo.

Q: What health conditions are common to the Siamese/Oriental breeds?
A: Common health issues with the siamese/oriental breeds are: Respiratory conditions (eg. Asthma), Depression (Siamese/Oriental cats are very people oriented and 'latch' onto their human. Often Siamese/Oriental cats that have been abandoned in shelters become depressed), vestibular disease, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (night blindness, which does lead to complete blindness)