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Welcome to Rislani Siamese & Orientals

Rislani Siamese & Orientals is a small cattery based in Gippsland Victoria and has been operating since 2006. Our love for the Siamese cat started thanks to a Seal Point Siamese by the name of Fabio.

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Originally, when we became registered breeders, we simply aimed to breed healthy well-adjusted kittens that would become the type of pet we experienced ourselves with Fabio. However, as time drew on we made the decision to move into specialising in traditional, or applehead, Siamese. As applehead Siamese are quite uncommon, our progression to this type of cat is still in progress, however we do carefully choose our breeding cats specifically to assist us breed applehead cats. At this time, we are breeding cats that are about halfway in-between the current extreme cats and the applehead.

We are proudly registered with The Governing Council of Victoria & Australia Inc (GCCFV)
 All of our cats have been DNA tested for Progressive Retinal Atrophy through Animal DNA Laboratory. For further information about this test, please click on the below banner:
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