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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want my cat to have a litter of kittens before I desex. Will you sell me a entire cat?
A: No.

We sell all our kittens desexed.

We do not endorce or encourage non-registered breeders to breed with their cats. We also do not want our kittens to wind up in a backyard breeding program. We therefore desex ALL kittens prior to them leaving the Rislani Siamese & Orientals cattery.

To be eligible to purchase a entire kitten from Rislani Siamese & Orientals, you must be able to prove to us you are a registered breeder with an approved registering body within your state. You also must prove you also practice early desexing.

If you cannot prove the above - please do not be offended when we refuse to sell you a kitten.

Q: Will Rislani Siamese & Orientals give me ongoing support once I take my kitten home?

We have lovingly raised your kitten since the day it was born. If you ever (be it 3 days after you've taken your kitten home, or 15 years after adoption) have any concerns, questions or problems we would like to hear from you. Even though the kitten is no longer ours once it leaves our place, we always love getting updates (and photos!) of our babies once they leave the nest.

Q: What do I do if my situation changes after I have adopted my kitten from Rislani Siamese & Orientals and I can no longer care for or keep my kitten/cat?

We always have a waiting list of people who are seeking kittens and often have people keen to adopt an order cat/kitten or retiree. We can assist you find a suitable alternative home for your kitten/cat.

If your situation is that bad that the kitten/cat must leave immediately, we can often take the kitten/cat back until such time as a suitable new home is found. However, please note we will not provide a refund of your purchase cost of the kitten/cat.

Q: Why does Rislani Siamese & Orientals want me to keep my kitten indoors or in a cat proof enclosure?
A: There are a lot of risks in the outdoor world for your cat. By keeping your cat indoors, or within a cat-proof enclosure, you reduce these risks that could reduce the lifespan of your cat. Some of these risks include:
- Exposure to Feline AIDS from cat fighting
- Being hit by a car
- Animal Traps
- Poisoning, accidental or intentional
- Complaints and threats from neighbours
- Rain, wind and cold
- Loneliness and fear
- Harsh Winters
- Getting skin cancer from UV exposure
- Geting Caught in a car engine or garage
- Fleas, ticks, worms and other parasites
- Getting their collar caught on fences, trees, etc.
- Being stolen and used for dog bait
- Exposure to disease from other animals
- Cruelty from strangers

Q: Can I wash my cat?
A: Yes.

However it is recommended you get your cat used to being bathed from a young age - however, Siamese & Orientals are not a cat you need to regularly bath. This would only need to be done when your cat has rolled in something ikky or if you are going to bath your cat with a flea shampoo due to flea infestation (it happens to us all from time to time!).

ALWAYS ensure you use a pet-shampoo. Human shampoos and soaps can damage your cat's coats and may also be toxic if some is not correctly washed from your cats coat and they clean themselves after the bath and lick this off.

Q: What health conditions are common to the Siamese/Oriental breeds?
A: Common health issues with the siamese/oriental breeds are:
- Respiratory conditions (eg. Asthma)
- Depression (Siamese/Oriental cats are very people oriented and 'latch' onto their human. Often Siamese/Oriental cats that have been abandoned in shelters become depressed)
- vestibular disease
- Progressive Retinal Atrophy (night blindness, which does lead to complete blindness)